Foundation for European Economic Development

Grants: New Applications

FEED is currently a small charity and it has a limited amount of money available for grants.

  • Given its limited resources, FEED favours applications from organizations for special projects with limited opportunities for funding from elsewhere, rather than applications from individuals.
  • Grant proposals should be consistent with the aims and objectives of FEED: "to advance public education throughout Europe in the field of political economy, with particular regard to evolutionary and institutional approaches to economic theory and policy."
  • Preference is also given to projects that relate closely to existing networks of evolutionary and institutional economists in Europe.

The amount of money available for grants is normally determined annually by the Trustees of FEED and depends on the value of FEED investments. Decisions on the allocation of grants are made by the FEED Trustees.

Applications for FEED grants should be made to the FEED Treasurer, Geoff Hodgson